CST at the Old Quarry is a proposed land reclamation and development project to build a sustainable Research and Development (R&D) facility for Cell Signaling Technology (CST).

CST is a leading life sciences company that enables scientific discoveries leading to new medicines that extend and save lives for devastating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

CST founder and long-time Manchester, Massachusetts resident, Michael Comb, was searching for a suitable location to build a scientific R&D facility to help meet the long-term growth needs of his company driven by the global demand for innovative research products.  He is excited to have discovered that a blighted old quarry landscape, located on a parcel of land north of Route 128 in his hometown of Manchester, could meet the company’s needs.  An ardent conservationist and environmentalist, Dr. Comb found the idea that he may be able to reclaim the land and build a green facility appealing.