Green Building

CST takes corporate and social responsibility seriously. From the beginning, CST has pursued the highest standards of environmental stewardship of our planet. CST is committed to conducting business in ways consistent with these values and that is reflected through its existing facilities and operations. The company maintains and strengthens this commitment with its development plans for CST at the Old Quarry.  Highly efficient building envelopes with state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems, closed- loop geothermal energy, effective stormwater treatment and a host of other sustainably driven design decisions help CST achieve its Green Building and Sustainability goals.

old quarry

Once built, CST will continue to minimize the environmental impacts from its operations through its corporate sustainability goals, programs led by its Director of Sustainability, and bolstered through employee engagement. Additionally, the Director of Corporate Responsibility oversees three employee-led grant committees that award grants to worthy Massachusetts-based nonprofits that focus on education in science, the environment, and the community.  

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions plays a key role in the CST green building commitment.  At its existing facilities, the company has taken actions such as installing solar PV and LED lighting, replacing or retrofitting lab equipment, and piloting technology to reduce energy use and conserve water.